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Classification learner app input issue

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Teik Jin Lim
Teik Jin Lim on 19 Jan 2020
Commented: Teik Jin Lim on 20 Jan 2020
The Classification learner app is only able to add one csv file for each session. May I know how is it able to add several csv file in order to train the classifier ? Otherwise how can I combine few excel file into one to train the classifier ?
Any suggestion or I can do because my train set is around 500 images.


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KSSV on 20 Jan 2020
Two options:
  1. Merge all the csv files into single csv file and load the data through csv file.
  2. Load each file data into workspace, merge all these data into single and load data through workspace.

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Teik Jin Lim
Teik Jin Lim on 20 Jan 2020
If i choose method (1), will it mess up all the data and causing false input into the classification learner app ?
For method (2), how i load all and merge it into single data ? don really get it
Thank you in advance

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