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mex fails when compiling 32 bit MATLAB on a 64 bit Linux machine.

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Edward on 9 Oct 2012
I'm running 32 bit MATLAB (R2008b) on a 64 bit RHE 5.8 (Tikanga) machine. When I try to execute Hanchuan Peng's package includes "makeosmex.m" to create mex files, I get the error "mex: link of ' "*.mexa64"' failed." (Where * indicates the particular mex file being created.)
When I run "mexext", I get "mexglx", "computer('arch')" returns "glnx86".
The mex.m file shows that the command line option '-<arch>' should force mex to build an output file for architecture arch. However, after editing the mex call to 'mex('-glnx86', list(i).name)', I still get the same error message. What do I have to do to get mex configured to generate glnx86 files?


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