the meaning of basic matlab words

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there is alot of words I see in the matlab online document but I wonder what is mean
the first word is argument
and the second word is command line
can you help me, please?

Accepted Answer

Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs on 6 Feb 2020
an argument is a constant or variable that you provide to a function; e.g.
sin(x) % here x is the argument to the function sin.
The command line is the line in the command window where you type commands. After you type the command, you hit "enter" and then Matlab evaluates the command and displays the answer. Usually the command line has ">>" at the beginning; so if I type "sin(x) followed by <enter> on the command line, Matlab will calculate sin(x) and display the answer.
>> sin(0.1) <enter>
ans =

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