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What method does SLAM use for localization?

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John Lee
John Lee on 14 Feb 2020
Commented: John Lee on 18 Feb 2020
In "Navigation Toolbox", there is "SLAM."
When I use "SLAM" toolbox, there is the function of "lidarSLAM" which performs localization and mapping using lidar scans.
What does lidarSLAM use for localization? particle filtering?
If so, am I not able to see "stateEstimatorPF" function somewhere?
If not, what method is used for localization in "lidarSLAM"?
Thank you!

Answers (1)

Ajay Pattassery
Ajay Pattassery on 17 Feb 2020
Edited: Ajay Pattassery on 17 Feb 2020
lidarSLAM is a graph-based SLAM implementation. The lidar scans map the environment and are correlated between each other to build an underlying pose graph of the vehicle trajectory.
Refer to the section SLAM under more about in the following document for more information regarding the lidarSLAM.
The relative pose between scans is estimated using the matchScans function. This helps in the localization of the vehicle.
Refer to the following document for more information regarding the matchScans.
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John Lee
John Lee on 18 Feb 2020
Thank you very much for your answer,
If "lidarSLAM" is a graph-based SLAM, which paper is the most relavent to "lidarSLAM" in terms of approach?, i.e.,
[1] Grisetti, G., Stachniss, C., Grzonka, S., & Burgard, W. (2007c). A tree parameterization for efficiently computing maximum likelihood maps using gradient descent. In Proc. of robotics: science and systems (RSS)
[2] Olson, E. (2008). Robust and efficient robotic mapping. PhD thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA.
[3] Hess, Wolfgang, Damon Kohler, Holger Rapp, and Daniel Andor. "Real-Time Loop Closure in 2D LIDAR SLAM." 2016 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). 2016.
Or, "lidarSLAM" is based on many sub-methods related to several papers?
I would appreciate it.

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