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Error connecting to SSH server at ''

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How to fix 'Error connecting to SSH server at'?
I am trying to run the deployToNVIDIAJetson.mlx file, but I am unable to establish an SSH connection in MATLAB to the Jetson board. I have the correct name and set up static ip addresses on both machines.
Jetson IP: % set via modifying /etc/network/interfaces
MATLAB Computer IP: % set by modifying static ip in network settings
The machines are linked via an ethernet cable, the Jetson has its own OpenSSH server active and running, and I am able to ping to the Jetson IP through Windows Powershell...
Am I missing something to establishing the connection in MATLAB? I could definitely use any help, I've been stuck on this for a couple days now...

Accepted Answer

Ramakrishna Mandalapu
Ramakrishna Mandalapu on 14 Feb 2020
Hi Viet,
Are you able to do ssh to the Jetson board?
In the jetson, put the connection "method" under ipv4 settings as below
In the terminal get IP address uisng the command
$ ifconfig
Then use this IP to connect to the Jetson from MATLAB.
If it is not resolved your problem, please provide code snippet or commands that you are using to connect to the Jetson from MATLAB.
Mr Beast
Mr Beast on 12 Jun 2023
Edited: Mr Beast on 12 Jun 2023
Hello there, I am experiencing the same issue since few days. Have cross checked password and it gets connected by same credentials through PuTTY, but not from MATLAB.
Code snippet is as follows:
mex -setup C++
setenv('CUDA_PATH',fullfile("C:","Program Files","NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit","CUDA","v10.0"))
setenv('NVIDIA_CUDNN',fullfile("C:","Program Files","NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit","CUDA","cuDNN"));
setenv('NVIDIA_TENSORRT', fullfile("C:","Program Files","NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit","CUDA","TensorRT"))
setenv('OPENCV_DIR',fullfile("C:","Program Files","opencv","build"));
setenv('PATH', ...
[fullfile('C:','Program Files','NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit','CUDA','v10.0','bin') ';' ...
fullfile('C:','Program Files','NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit','CUDA','cuDNN','bin') ';'...
fullfile('C:','Program Files','opencv','build','x64','vc15','bin') ';'...
fullfile('C:','Program Files','NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit','CUDA','TensorRT','lib') ';'...
ipaddress = ''; % This is specific to your jetson, use ifconfig to find the ipaddress or set a static ip for the jetson
username = 'username';
password = ' ';
hwobj = jetson(ipaddress, username, password);
Thank you in advance.
Ramakrishna Mandalapu
Ramakrishna Mandalapu on 13 Jun 2023
Can you post the error message here?
Also, please check if the firewall is blocking the connection.

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Ramakrishna Mandalapu
Ramakrishna Mandalapu on 15 Feb 2020
Edited: Ramakrishna Mandalapu on 15 Feb 2020
Hi Viet,
You don't need to setup a static IP. As I mentioned above in the figure you should use that method (link local only) from network manager for the Jetson to auto configure it's IP. This makes the Jetson in the same network with the host computer when you are using a Ethernet cross over cable.
The Jetson and Host should be on the same network either with the direct crossover Ethernet cable or using a LAN (back bone ) connection. Always you should ensure that the board is able to ssh from the host when you want to access it from the MATLAB.
Note: 1. When you are connecting Jetson to LAN then you don't need to configure network manager to use link local only method on it. 2. No host side network settings in both case.
Thanks, Ramakrishna

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