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Symbol synchronizer block simulink

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ahmed abdelmgeed
ahmed abdelmgeed on 17 Feb 2020
I am working on a project and at the moment I am using the symbol synchronizer block in simulink. My input to the symbol synchronizer block is the signal after applying matched filter to it and the amplitude range of the signal is either zero or 10, the input signal consists of 100000 samples and the output should be 10000 symbol as each symbol is represented by 10 samples and the output should be either 0 or 10 also but the problem is that the output gives me amplitudes like 8, 7, 5, 2 also 0 and 10 so there is a mistake but I don't know what is it in the symbol synchronizer block parameters I entered the number of samples per symbol equals 10 and left the rest of the parameters (damping factor - normalized loop bandwidth - detector gain) at their default values. I wish that someone will help me.


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