How to make subplot accept the positions like matrix?

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Assume there is 3*3 subplot, subplot(3,3,p) which p gives the location like 1,2,... from left to right and so on. How can I set the p to accept value of the position like the matrix indexing. For example for the 1st subplot, instead of 1, p=(1,1) which shows the xth and yth of the subplot position.
Any idea?

Accepted Answer

Adam on 28 Feb 2020
doc ind2sub
This will convert linear indices to n-dimensional subscripts.
[p(1), p(2)] = ind2sub( [3, 3], 2 );
gwoo on 28 Jul 2021
Edited: gwoo on 29 Jul 2021
tiledlayout is still, infuriatingly, row-major.
Update: I looked deeper and there is a tiledlayout property that lets you chooose row or column major. "TileIndexing" so.. yea. i guess it is the solution.

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