S-parameter to Y-parameter

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Sumit dash
Sumit dash on 3 Mar 2020
Answered: Jesus Sanchez on 3 Mar 2020
let's say I have
S11=( s^4+(-0.0026j)*s^3+(1.0615)*s^2+(-0.0009j)*s+(0.1580) )/(s^4 +(2.2467-0.0047j)*s^3 + (3.6063-0.0031j)*s^2 + (3.2898-0.0489j)*s +(1.9877-0.0025j));
S21= (j*s^4+(2.2128)*s^3+(26.5826j)*s^2+(1.4870)*s+(65.6671j)) /(s^4 +(2.2467-0.0047j)*s^3 + (3.6063-0.0031j)*s^2 + (3.2898-0.0489j)*s +(1.9877-0.0025j));
can i convert this S-parameter to Y-parameter ?

Answers (1)

Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez on 3 Mar 2020
Check this toolbox, it does usual transformations between these kind of parameters

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