Gmapping SLAM based on RBPF

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John Lee
John Lee on 5 Mar 2020
Is there any Gmapping SLAM based on RBPF?
I mean MATLAB version of gmapping-SLAM based on Rao-blackwellized particle filtering.
John Lee
John Lee on 15 Mar 2020
Thanks for your comment.
I tested that code. Seems wokring well, but there is a too big approximation in "Measurement_Model.m" where
the author treis to compute the likelihood function based on more than 200 lidar scan.
I also tried to contact the author, and he has not replied.
So, I doubt the code and that is why I posted the question.

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Answers (1)

Amrtanshu Raj
Amrtanshu Raj on 7 Sep 2021
Currently MATLAB has a LidarSlam which does not use any particle filter.
We have brought this to the notice of our developers and they might consider it for a future release.
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Zuhair Abduljabbar
Zuhair Abduljabbar on 15 Mar 2022
Hi Raj,
Could you mention the official URL of it (LiDARSLAM) , for seeing the theoritcal side of it (related papers)

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