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How do the multiclass SVM model function 'fitcecoc' work?

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Mdl = fitcecoc(X,Y)
Suppose I have 4 classes as below:
As seen from the table below, suppose for learner 1, the svm predicted it as Cat. For learner 2 it was predicted as Fish. For learner 3 it is predicted as Cat. For learner 4 it is predicted as Fish. For learner 5 it is predicted as Rabbit. For learner 6 it is predicted as Rabbit.
How do the ECOC svm determine if it is cat, fish or rabbit in this case?

Answers (1)

Dinesh Yadav
Dinesh Yadav on 9 Mar 2020
Kindly go through the documentation of fitcecoc and go through the sub sections Coding Design and Error Correcting Output Codes Model part to understand how it works.
tinkiewinkie on 9 Mar 2020
From what I understand, confusion matrix only gives me the final result of the classifcation (post-classification) how many of which are classified correctly and how many are classified wrongly. From your explanation, the probability you mentioned is a decision maker that is still within the classification process itself. May I know how I should compute the probability in this case?
Dinesh Yadav
Dinesh Yadav on 9 Mar 2020
Sorry my bad it wont be probability but classification score. Also i have taken above data point as test data point not training. The score would be computed as in doc under Error Correcting Output Codes Model.

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