I need a simulink model for study for vehicle traction control system(TCS) or Anti lock braking system (ABS).

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% I want simulink model for vehicle traction control system or anti lock braking system. I am creating a co-simulation between MSC adams and simulink to control the dynamics of vehicle. So, if anybody have those files then please help me.

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Rajat Tewari
Rajat Tewari on 11 Mar 2020
Hi Nikhil,
Following examples would be helpful for the simulations:
  1. Complete Vehicle Model
  2. Modeling an Anti-Lock Braking System
  3. You can also refer to other examples through the below link:https://www.mathworks.com/help/physmod/sdl/examples.html?category=getting-started-with-simscape-driveline
Hope it helps.


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