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Can phased.GSCBeamformer system Object run Frame by frame?

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For these Beamformer objects, the examples always show full wavform in and full wavform out. In my application, it is running on frames of data, processing it as it comes in. Matlab suggest its Objects keep track of all states and initializations. So my question is, do these Beamformer objects init each time we run them, ie process one frame (or at beginning of entire wavform in your examples)? Is there a mechanism to ouput the states and to carry into the next frame such as your filter function? Additionally, for the GSCBeamformer object, is there a reason the weights are not ouput as an option? Would be nice if user had access to weights and filter states between frames in order to check implementation and better understand the beamforming mechanism. If I am missing something please let me know thanks!

Accepted Answer

Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 20 Mar 2020
Those beamformers do main states but currently there isn't a way to export those states. Essentially, when you first run it using step() or its corresponding variable name, it will start to remember states between frames. Only when you call release() or reset() will it clear those states.

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