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Memory Utilization of a program in matlab.

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G Jothi
G Jothi on 18 Oct 2012
Elasped Time is calcuated by using tic toc function.
How should calcuate run time memory utilization of a program.
Any function is available.

Answers (2)

Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 18 Oct 2012
Try "memory"?
It would help if you listed your platform and MATLAB version, as this only works on Windows.
You can also use OS functions to get the memory size, too -- on Windows you can use
tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq matlab.exe"
and on Linux/Mac you can use "ps", grep, awk, etc. You could call these from a system call and parse the output.

Derek O'Connor
Derek O'Connor on 18 Oct 2012
A few years ago I suggested to Mathworks that they include memory usage in their Profiler. They said they were thinking about it.
Are they still thinking?

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