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Joining tables stored in a cell array

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Or Shem Tov
Or Shem Tov on 21 Mar 2020
Commented: BN2 on 24 Mar 2020
Hi guys,
I have this cell array here, filled with N tables (N = 10)
There is a total of 63 rows and 12 columns, I am trying to extract everything so that I can have a 63x12 table containing all the data
How do I join all of the tables together and display them as one big table?
Thank you!!!


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Accepted Answer

BN2 on 21 Mar 2020
Edited: BN2 on 21 Mar 2020
I think you are looking for vertcat,
Result = vertcat(Data{:});


BN2 on 24 Mar 2020
You're welcome. You can thank people by clicking the link to Accept the answer, and by voting for their answer. Thanks in advance.

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