How to export the values of the radiation pattern from antenna designer to workspace

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When using Antenna designer we can plot the elevation pattern and impedance etc. What is the easiest way to extract the individual values from these plots
in order to do further processing on them in Matlab?

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Shashank Kulkarni
Shashank Kulkarni on 1 Apr 2020
Export your design into a MATLAB script. Then you can pass a LHS to the pattern function to get the maginitude of the directivity to the workspace.
I hope this helps.
alan cheville
alan cheville on 10 Apr 2022
I didn't know what an LHS was so had to figure this out on my own. Basically if you export the script then modify the last line and past the code below into the bottom of the script you can generate the pattern:
[D,phi,theta] = pattern(antennaObject, plotFrequency) % Modify the last line to export parameters
phi = phi/180*pi+pi; % change to 0 to 2*pi rather than -pi to pi
theta = theta/180*pi + pi/2; % change to 0 to pi rather than -pi/2 to pi/2
[Phi Theta] = meshgrid(phi,theta);
RdB = (D-min(D))./(max(D)-min(D)); % normalize to between 0 and 1
X = RdB.*sin(Theta).*cos(Phi);
Y = RdB.*sin(Theta).*sin(Phi);
Z = RdB.*cos(Theta);

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