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How to obtain the rotor side and grid side control of GRID connected DFIG based wind energy conversion system

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Iam trying to connect a DFIG based Wind energy conversion system connected to Grid.But,Iam having a trouble with rotor side and grid side control of DFIG using PI controller.
it would be helpful if anyone can help me to get through this.

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Tony Lennon
Tony Lennon on 1 Apr 2020
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Sazzad on 4 Apr 2024
Dear Sir, I have opened the model of:
While I modify any portion it brings error. That's why I can't implement my own designed controller in this model.
How can I overcome all types of blocks error?

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Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi on 1 Apr 2020
Dear Sri Lakshmi,
To devoloped control for DFIG based grid connected wind energy conversion system (WECS), please analysis as per suggestion provided by Mr. Tony Lennon.
In dubly fed induction machine(DFIM) work as motor whenever machine rotated in sub sysnchrouse speed however work as generator whenever it rotate in super synchronus speed. At the starting time it take power from grid through the rotor side converter, to devoloped magnetic field. Hence rotor side converter (RSC) and grid side converter (GSC) and its control is very imported to deliver power from machine to grid and devoloped air gap magnetic field (working flux). For detained analysis on modeling of DFIG based WECS, you can prefer the following book and video lectures.
  1. "POWER CONVERSION AND CONTROL OF WIND ENERGY SYSTEMS" by BinWu, Yongqiang Lang, Navid Zargari and Samir Kouro: In this book chapter 8th described the detailed analys, design and control of DFIG based WECS with control stratgy for rotor side converter and grid side converter.
  2. "POWER ELECTRONICS FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS, TRANSPORTATION AND INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS" by Haitham Abu-Rub, Mariusz Malinowski and Kamal Al-Haddad. From this book you can prefer chapter 10th.
  3. in this lecture profesor deliver 9 tutorials in proper and step by step.
I think this will be helpfull for you.
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi


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