Why does GUI get disappeared after GUI initialization?

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Hi All,
I am writting a GUI via GUIDE. I add many bottons and tasks to the GUI, and run it one time after starting MATLAB, then it works properly.
But when I close the GUI window, add something, and re-run via GUI.fig or GUI.m, the GUI showing is stopped after initialization. When I run "set(mygui,'Visible','on');" in the command window, it appears and works. Moreover, when I restart the MATLAB, it works properly as well. Why after one time testing, it is going to be off in the term of visibility?
Where can I add this line in my GUI to fix this problem? I use MATLAB R2018b and apply the instructions in the following link but it has not worked.
Thanks you so much in advance
Mohammad Shahbazy
Mohammad Shahbazy on 3 Apr 2020
Thanks Rik for your reply.
Would you please guide me how can I put this line "set(mygui,'Visible','on');" into the GUI code to keep visibility as "on"? My GUI is tricky and it takes time to run it for one time and then re-run that to check.
Rik on 3 Apr 2020
The suggestion by Adam should work. Otherwise you could try putting that line in the opening function.
If you would have used a programmatic GUI you wouldn't have had this problem.

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