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How to add help files to a app designer standalone application

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Hi i have the above app built with app designer. I want to show up distinct help files in a browser (or whatever) every time i press the button '?'. It works fine with
web([pwd,'.\Help files\lunchyourjobs.html'],'-browser')
only when i have the application open in Matlab with app designer. However when i compile it with
and run it the button '?' does not work anymore.
Do you know how can i fix this?


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Accepted Answer

Payas Bahade
Payas Bahade on 9 Apr 2020
Hi Vitor,
In order to add help files to a App Designer standalone application, required files need to be added in ‘Files required for your application to run’ in following format:
web([pwd, 'lunchyourjobs.html'], '-browser')
Please refer documentation of Application Compiler App for more details.
Hope this helps!


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