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How can I transpose a column that is read from a .csv file? Currently I am reading the column, transposing it, and reprinting it. However, all of the numbers are crunched together into one cell. When I transpose, I need to have commas between each of my columns (or what used to be the end of a row, before the transpose took place).
-- This is what I am trying, but it does not work
C1 = dlmread(strcat(GlotaranFileName,'.csv'), ',', [0 1 lineCount 1]);
fprintf(fid, '%d', C1'); % write the relevent data to the file

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Oct 2012
fprintf(fid, '%d,', C1(1:end-1)'); %notice the comma after %d
fprintf(fid, '%d\n', C1(end));
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Bernoulli Lizard
Bernoulli Lizard on 22 Oct 2012
Of course! Thank you, that seems obvious now.

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