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What is wrong with my code ?

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muhammad usman
muhammad usman on 7 Apr 2020
Commented: Walter Roberson on 7 Apr 2020
function coded = caesar(a,b);
x = length(a);
y = double(a);
for i = 1:x
y(i) = y(i) + b;
if y(i) > 126;
j = y(i)- 126;
y(i) = 31+j;
elseif y(i) < 32;
j = y(i) - 32;
y(i) = 127+j;
coded(i) =char(y(i));
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Apr 2020
What error do you observe?
It does feel a bit odd that newline (character position 10) is mapped to 'i' (lower-case I) when b is 0, but without specifications, we do not know that it is wrong.
Note that your function can emit characters beyond ~ if your input is ß (223) or beyond

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