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How to extract the impedance matrix (Z-matrix) of the Method of Moments Solution for an antenna?

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I am trying to perform the characteristic mode analysis of an antenna structure. The impedance matrix (Z-matrix) of the structure is required for calculating the Characteristic modes of the antenna. As per the documentation, the antenna design toolbox of Matlab uses an MoM solver to compute the electromagnetic parameters of an antenna. I am able to design and simulate antennas of arbitrary shapes using this toolbox. However, I am not yet able to figure out how to extract the Z-matrix of the solution. Can anyone help?

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Shashank Kulkarni
Shashank Kulkarni on 17 Nov 2022
You cannot currently access the MoM interaction matrix in Antenna Toolbox.
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Good evening,
Do you know if it is now possible to extract the impedance matrix (or interaction matrix)?
Best regards
Giacomo Giannetti

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