Matlab 2020a install time over 15 hours and ascending

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First of all sorry for my english.
I understand the installation time depends the machine architecture but, I have a gamer machine with less 2 years old and a clean windows install in february.
I only select for install the default components and Matlab report generator ( not arrived to installation point in this moment). It is possible that?.
And.. where is the cancel button?
16 hours and ascending now and below 80%, estimated for me 7 hours more to finish!!
Manel on 16 Apr 2020
In the installation part, before the 40% of the progress, the process is "normal".
The installation have end 2 hours +- after my post (I was sleeping, spain time), i think t'he problem is only on the installing simulik and matlab, not the report designer. The program works fine, a bit slow to start but well.
I have do the installation because i received an customized mail (with name and surnames) to me from Mathworks to my registered account suggesting download and install the new version. For that i have discardet that was a virus.
Thanks Steven for you answer
Mohammed Hammouda
Mohammed Hammouda on 5 Mar 2021
I guess it's fine. I am installing the full MATLAB package and its been about 3 hours with just 27%.

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Answers (1)

Sanjay Kakodia
Sanjay Kakodia on 6 Aug 2022
I face the same problem with MATLAB 2021a installation, and I have searched many related articles, but it does not work.
then I find a solution that the problem is because of Antivirus installed in the system and the system is in the balance performance mode.
  1. Uninstall Any antivirus installed in the system temporarily
  2. Put the system in the Best Performance Mode
In task manager see how much resources are allotted to MATLAB when it is installing
Do these changes it will work, for reference, I am attaching the temp file of MATLAB
At 11.40 PM I uninstalled the Antivirus and put the system in best performance mode and the next 10~20 minutes it is fully installed, and it is working


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