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how to generate a reference signal from the Driving Scenario Designer App?

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Hello,I am trying to generate a referene signal from the Driving Scenario Designer app to build mpc controller , I want to get the yaw angle as a vector, everytime I export the scenario as a matlab function, I get the yaw angle only as a (1X1) element .....thanks in advance

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Divija Aleti
Divija Aleti on 30 Nov 2020
Once you are done building your scenario, place a sensor on your Actor, change the 'Update Interval (ms)' as required and run the scenario. Then click 'Export -> Export Sensor Data' . In the dialogue box that appears, give a variable name to which you want to save the data and click OK. The data gets saved to the MATLAB base workspace. The yaw angles can be accessed as a vector by using a for loop.
For example, after 'Export Sensor Data' is clicked, I saved the data as 'sensor_data' as follows:
Now to get the yaw angles as a vector, a for loop can be written as:
for i=1:6
yaw =
-39.3675 -38.8738 -10.8638 32.5091 -6.1386 -36.1907
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Mahmoud Shetwi
Mahmoud Shetwi on 12 Oct 2023
Have you come up with any results for the scenarios of how to take the position and Yaw angel from driving?
Please respond, Muhammad

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