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Can anybody help me to convert 2018b simulink model file to 2015b simulink model file?

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I have some simulink model file downloaded from
and I want to convert it to MATLAB 2015b simulink model file as I am using MATLAB 2015b. So, far I know it not possible to work with some simulink model which are designed in some later version (because of present of some complex block). The models are designed with MATLAB 2018b and I am using 2015b. I am uploading the 2018b designed model file, please convert it to 2015b simuink model and upload the same.

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 18 Apr 2020
I am attaching models exported to 15b. You may need a bit more work on the model. Please replace the block with your version in the library.
Export successful with this one missing block:
Block of type "Unit Delay Enabled Synchronous" uses functionality that is not available in Simulink R2015b and has been replaced with an empty subsystem.
1 blocks that are unsupported in R2015b were replaced with empty subsystems. To find these blocks, open model pulse_detector_v1 and run: getfullname(Simulink.findBlocks('pulse_detector_v1', 'MaskType', 'Replaced Block'))

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