Antenna 3D radiation pattern

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irfan ahmed
irfan ahmed on 16 Apr 2020
Answered: Sandip Ghosal on 5 May 2021
I have designed an antenna using HFSS software however I wanted to plot its 3D radiation pattern using matlab. For this, i generated an Excel (.csv) file and imported it in matlab and plotted its 3D gain radiation pattern. Now I want to get specific values of gain when user provide azimuth and elevation angles.
Means i want to have a funtion in which i put azimuth and elvation angles and it provides me gain at that point. Moreover i want to have value of maximum gain also
Code which i used is shared below
clear all;
M = csvread('gain plot_pifa.csv',1,0);
patternCustom (M(:,3),M(:,2),M(:,1));
title('3D Gain of Pifa Antenna');

Answers (1)

Sandip Ghosal
Sandip Ghosal on 5 May 2021
The co-ordinate system used in Antenna Tollbox can be reviewed in the doc :
To find the maximum gain of anntenna at desired frequency for a given range of azimuth and elevation angle, it can be found out as:
pat=pattern(antenna, frequency, azimuth, elevation, 'type', 'gain');

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