Having trouble installing the add-on for the Solidworks Simscape?

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My classmate and I are trying to install the add-on for the Solidworks Simscape. The instructions on MatLab's website recommends the use of the function "install_addon." This function does not exist on MatLab in version 2018b. We were able addpath, but not install the addon. And, in solidworks, the add on does not appear. Any help?

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Rashed Mohammed
Rashed Mohammed on 27 May 2020
Hi William,
install_addon is a separate script downloaded as part of installation files. It is not available by default in any MATLAB installation.
Follow the instructions present here
While downloading the installation files, make sure to download both the .zip file and the install_addon.m script file. Add the folder where these files are downloaded to matlab path using addpath and then try using install_addon. The code will be something like
Hope this helps!





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