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error plotting smithchart by MATLAB manual

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fima v
fima v on 23 Apr 2020
Edited: fima v on 23 Apr 2020
Hello i am trying to follow the steps in this manual
when i follow the instructions as shown in the code bellow for plotting smithchart:
i get the following error
Error using>check_nf_value (line 285)
Constant noise figure circles can be drawn only when
the specified object contains spot noise data.
Error in (line 134)
check_nf_value(varargin{kk+1}, nfmin);
Error in rfckt.rfckt/circle (line 52)
[hlines, hsm] = circle(data, varargin{:});
Error in smith (line 4)
unmatched_amp = read(rfckt.amplifier, 'spp5.s2p');
fc = 5.2e9;
hsm = smithplot;

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