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How do you continue a string on the next line in Psychtoolbox?

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I want my text to continue over new lines for better readability. I want it to look something like this:
DrawFormattedText(w, ['In each round of this experiment, you will see a blue circle.\n' ...
'Then after a few seconds, the blue circle will change\n' ...
'either its COLOR, SHAPE, or POSITION.\n' ...
'Your task is to press the spacebar as quickly as possible\n' ...
'once you notice the change.\n\n' ...
'Press <Return> to begin.', 'center', 'center'], [0 0 0] ) ;
However this does not work when I run my program through Psychtoolbox (which I am new to).
This will work if I write the entire text on one line with no ellipsis (...) and no brackets to concatenate the text. But then the line is ridiculously long and doesn't look good.
Please help if you know how to continue a string on the next line in Psychtoolbox


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Accepted Answer

per isakson
per isakson on 24 Apr 2020
The strings, 'center', 'center', are they really intended to be part of the second input argument of DrawFormattedText() ?
I guess the closing bracket, "]", should follow after 'Press <Return> to begin.'

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August Hardie
August Hardie on 25 Apr 2020
You're awesome, I totally overlooked that I put the closing bracket in the wrong place. Thank you!!

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