Exponential transfer function

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Adam on 11 Apr 2011
Commented: Meet Doshi on 10 Oct 2017
I'd like to know how to input a transfer function in Matlab and plot the Frequency response (magnitude and phase).
My First problem is actually inputting the transfer function into Matlab,
It's the transfer function of a first order hold which is: [(1 + sT) / T] x [(1 - e^-sT) / s] x [(1 - e^-sT) / s]
How would I input this into Matlab? I've tried to use the tf() function but haven't got it right so far! - mainly because I don't know how to write exponents in a transfer function and also how to have it dependant on time period, T.
So far I was using this format: num = [1 0]; den = [1 1]; sys = tf(num, den)
But this only works with transfer function with simple 's' terms.
Anyone have any idea?
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Meet Doshi
Meet Doshi on 10 Oct 2017
hd = exp(tf([-2 0],1))

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 11 Apr 2011
Edited: John Kelly on 26 Feb 2015

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