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View and Commit Changes dialog is blank

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Yangfan Peng
Yangfan Peng on 17 May 2020
Answered: Madhav Thakker on 9 Feb 2021
I would like to view and commit changes to github via Matlab source control. However, if I right-click on the changed m.file which is indicated with a blue square / modified and then choose "View and Commit Changes..." there is no dialog window appearing. The only thing that changed is that a blank window appears in the taskbar (see screenshot). However ,it does not appear on the desktop. Can someone help me to debug this?
edit: I also realized that "fetch" does nothing if I click on it... there is no dialog window appearing anywhere.
I have already reinstalled MATLAB 2020a and also the gitforwindows program according to this instruction:

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Madhav Thakker
Madhav Thakker on 9 Feb 2021
Hi Yangfan,
Looks like an installation problem to me. For any problems related to installation, Contact Support !
They help with installation and setup problems for all MATLAB licenses. More information on Service Requests in this FAQ.
Hope this helps.




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