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two identical cell arrays treat my char inputs differently - any idea?

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I read a lot about strings and inverted commas but I could not find the answer to my problem.
Believe me or not, I have two cell arrays which handle strings different.
Here, an extreme, but real example.
>> AA {1,1} = '''''''xyz''''''' and I get as answer >> AA {1,1} ans = '''xyz'''
>> BB {1,1} = '''''''xyz''''''' and I get as answer >> BB {1,1} ans = '''xyz'''
So far, that's fine.
BUT in the variables view I have
AA row 1, column 1 '''''''xyz''''''' (seven)
BB row 1, column 1 '''xyz''' (three)
The problem is that I cannot access them in the same way and I have NO idea why my inputs get treated differently.
Any ideas?
Thanks so much!

Accepted Answer

Matthew Eicholtz
Matthew Eicholtz on 5 Nov 2012
The only way I was able to reproduce your results was to initialize the AA cell array with size greater than (1,1). For example,
AA = cell(2);
AA {1,1} = '''''''xyz'''''''
BB {1,1} = '''''''xyz'''''''
Then, in the Variable Editor, it looks like you described (7 quotes on AA cell). However, the string stored in the cell array is still the same.
>> AA{1,1}
ans =
So in this case, the way it looks in the Variable Editor does not affect any processing you may want to do on the string.
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Claudia on 8 Nov 2012
Hi Matt,
thanks for your explanation.
However,I couldn't access the data in the same way and also interesting, sometimes I had for the same cell array sometimes 7, sometimes 3 quotes.
But I found a solution - if I load my dataset within a function, I always can access single data in the same way.
Cheers, Claudia

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Nov 2012
Edited: Image Analyst on 5 Nov 2012
I can't reproduce. I do (just copying and pasting your code):
AA {1,1} = '''''''xyz'''''''
BB {1,1} = '''''''xyz'''''''
and in the command window I get:
AA =
BB =
In the variables editor, it looks the same as the command window - 3 ' on each side, not 7.
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Claudia on 8 Nov 2012
Hi, thanks for the answer. That's the trouble with it. It doesn't happen always. Cheers, Claudia

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