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String comparison based sorting

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satendra kumar
satendra kumar on 10 Nov 2012
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
[a b]=xlsread('file name'); First column of b have 14,000 repeated names, but only 6 different names. I made 6 check boxes. A user can check any no of check boxes. Based on the user input i need to modify the array a & b. i.e. the rows with the name checked by the user will be there else need to be deleted. Any idea folks how to do that.

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Jan on 10 Nov 2012
I do not see the connection between the title and the question. Where does sorting play a role in the question?
What kind of help do you expect? Did you create the GUI already? Do you want to learn how to create 6 checkboxes programmatically? Where do you want to delete the data: In the Excel file or in the Matlab array?
What have you tried so far and which problem occurred? Currently the description of your problem is very general and an explicit answer is not possible. I suggest to divide the problems into smaller parts and solve them one after the other. Try to implement it by your own and ask again, when concrete problems occur, which you cannot solve by your own.

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