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Event name listener list for ROI from draw rectangle/​freehand/a​ssisted etc

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I'm looking for a list of listener I can create for the draw function :
I'm unable to find it, is there documentation about this or a code to access all the events I can follow ? For the moment I only know 'ROIMoved' but I would like to follow if a ROI is deleted and maybe more depending on the listener available
Thank you
Is there more ?


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Payas Bahade
Payas Bahade on 29 May 2020
Hi Aymeric,
Different ROI objects like rectangle, freehand, circle, polyline, etc. supports different events. You can add listeners for the events supported by that specific ROI object. To get list of all the ROI objects please refer this link. To get list of all the events supported by each ROI, navigate to the ‘Events’ section of each of the ROIs.
Hope this helps!


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