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Displaying text in the command window when running a program

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Am I being really stupid in failing to find how to display text in the command window when running my program?
Ie. I want to just have little sections of text that pop up explaining what is happening in the program-and I want these to be displayed in the command window for a user to see.
I have tried using the disp command, however as the text I am choosing to display has not been assigned to a variable so it will not work.
I guess one way to get around this, albeit messy, it is assign chunks of text to random variables and then choose the disp that variable-although it surely sounds like there is a tidier method.
Thanks in advance,
Mike Scott
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saisanthosh prasen
saisanthosh prasen on 2 Dec 2016
Edited: per isakson on 2 Dec 2016
h = msgbox('Operation Completed'); using command like msgbox also u can get Pop up window...
For more details..

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Accepted Answer

Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 12 Apr 2011
What do you want to display? You can use the DISP command without a variable.
disp('At line 50')
Stefanos on 13 Dec 2022
Using that code they are represented ans how can I represent them as one array with all the answers?(One array for an with all the ans and another for bn)?
for i= 1:N
for i= 1:N

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