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Multiple contour plots with one colorbar

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I have three contourf plots in a figure, each with a separate colorbar. Since the colorbars are identical for all plots, I would like to have only one that goes over the entire height of the figure.
Anyone have an idea?

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
I think you have asked a similar question, or at least the answer is similar and it is to use the handles of each element of the figure, for instance this will create three plots:
Now you can control each of those objects, let's make two colorbar invisibles, and then change the size of the other colorbar
h11.Visible = 'off';
h13.Visible = 'off';
h1.Position = [ 0.1300 0.7093 0.67 0.2157];
h2.Position = [ 0.1300 0.4096 0.67 0.2157];
h3.Position = [ 0.1300 0.1100 0.67 0.2157];
h12.Position =[ 0.8190 0.10 0.0381 0.83];
Notice that I also controlled the position of the axes. Perhaps the actual values will not exactly match your figure, but just play a little with those numbers and it should work.
As before, if this answers your question, please accept, if it does not, let me know.

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