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Weird behavior when adding a subplot grid title BEFORE plotting in a Live Script. Is there a workaround without having to add the title AFTER plotting?

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Zachary on 8 Jun 2020
Edited: Zachary on 8 Jun 2020
In a Live Script, if I add a subplot grid title to an invisible* figure, the acts of plotting or making the figure visible sometimes remove the subplot grid title. The attached Live Script, 'LiveScript_examples.mlx', shows when this weird behavior does and does not occur. The attached script, 'Script_examples.m', shows that this weird behavior does not occur in normal scripts.
*The only reason why I create an invisible figure is because I want to programmatically open the figure outside of the Live Script to access some context menu drop-downs created by bode (i.e. Systems, 'Characteristics', 'Show', and 'Properties...'). When I change the property 'Visible' to 'on', the figure "pops" out of the Live Script into its own window.

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