set the value of the variable in Transfer Function????

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Hi guys,
I have some problems with my transfer function. My Transfer Function is a 2x2 matrix. The variable is 's'.
Looks like this:
Gtf = [s/s+1 s+2; s-3/s+4 s+1]
Now I would like to get Gtf(5) (set s=5) to perform the Singular Value Decomposition with that matrix. I would like MATLAB to show me the following:
Gtf = [5/6 7; 2/9 6]
How can i get there?
So my problem is: how can I set the variable of the transfer function matrix to a value?
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Jonathan Epperl
Jonathan Epperl on 25 Nov 2012
That is what the functions freqresp and evalfr are for. In your case:
However, I hope you just forgot the () in your example, i.e. in your real code it is s/(s+1) and not s/s+1 etc.

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