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Creating reference subsystems programmatically / création de sous système de référence en code Matlab

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I like to create a referenced subsysteme from a pre-existing masked subsyteme but I haven't find any command to do it. / je souhaiterais convertir un sous système maské en sous-systeme de réference, lui aussi maské, mais je n'arrive pas à trouvé la syntaxe matlab.

Answers (2)

Ajay Pattassery
Ajay Pattassery on 23 Jul 2020
You cannot convert a subsystem to a referenced subsystem when the subsystem:
  • Has a test harness associated to it.
  • Has no read/write permissions.
  • Has a mask that is trying to modify its contents.
Refer the documentation link for more information.

François Roux
François Roux on 10 Nov 2020
Hi Ajay,
Thanks for this answer, but what I am looking for is the matlab command equivalent as rigth clic Convert To Referenced Subsystem...
Because I can do it 'manually' I presume I can do it programmatically :)




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