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How to plot individual A-Scans from the Tx element and Rx element numbers from FMC data.

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I have a Matrix, it is 16384 x 1308.
This is 16384 rows and 1308 columns.
The rows are all amplitudes and the columns are all discrete time intervals. (each time interval is 20ns)
The rows are all A-Scans from a 128 ultrasonic transducer.
I assume that:
Row 1 = Tx1 Rx1
Row 2 = Tx1 Rx2
Row 3 = Tx1 Rx3
Row 128 = Tx1 Rx128
Row 129 = Tx2 Rx1
Row 130 = Tx2 Rx2
Row 16384 = Tx128 Rx128
I can plot each row number without any problem, e.g.
I would like to be able to ask the user to input the Tx element number and then the Rx element number and the plot the appropriate row number.
Any ideas?

Answers (1)

Ajay Pattassery
Ajay Pattassery on 23 Jul 2020
Let Tx holds the Tx element number and Rx holds Rx element number.
Also assume the given matrix of dimension 16384 x 1308 as aScanMatrix.
modIndex = (Tx-1)*128 + Rx;
aScan = aScanMatrix(modIndex,:);




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