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Creating a Bell Curve of Data

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Hello. I have a large set of temperature observations called tmax (26298x1 double) and I want to make a bell curve of all the data to see what it looks like. I've done a lot of browsing and can't find a simple way to do this. Does anyone have help on this? Thank you!
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Claire Hollow
Claire Hollow on 17 Jun 2020
Heres a little update. I tried
pd = fitdist(tmax01,'Normal')
but the curve is a mess of so many lines, how do I get just one?

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David Hill
David Hill on 17 Jun 2020
Edited: David Hill on 17 Jun 2020
Just looking at your data, histogram() function is useful.
histogram(tmax01,30);%however many bins you want
You could overlay:
pd = fitdist(tmax01,'Normal');
x_values = min(tmax01):.1:max(tmax01);%not sure what step to use
y = pdf(pd,x_values);
hold on;
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Claire Hollow
Claire Hollow on 17 Jun 2020
That helped a lot, thank you!

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