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using nested loop function to create a matrix

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Aaron Varma
Aaron Varma on 18 Jun 2020
Commented: Aaron Varma on 18 Jun 2020
Hi everyone i'm stuck on something that's probably quite simple, wondering if someone can lend a hand
for slowIndex = 1:s
for fastindex = 1:s
H(slowIndex,fastIndex) = movavg(eurUSDClose,'exponential',slowIndex);
I took this from the MATLAB help section and am trying to amend it for what i need, can some one tell me what I must add to get the loop to run through the fastIndex as well? The end resulty should be a matrix with s number of rows and s number of colums. Eventually fastIndex and slowIndex will contain different values i'm just tryng to get my head around the basics as this stage.

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David Hill
David Hill on 18 Jun 2020
You can watch the 1's being filled in:
for k=1:s
for m=1:s
H(k,m)=1;%simple double for-loop, first row is filled in, then second row, ...
J(m,k)=1;%first column is filled in, then second column, ...
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Aaron Varma
Aaron Varma on 18 Jun 2020
Thanks for the answer David appreciate it. That did work, probelm is i'm asking the wrong the question, need to have a little rethink about what it is i actully need to get out of this.
Very new with MATLAB!!

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