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Why doesn´t it stop the loop?

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Hi everybody,
I have a probably pretty stupid question, but I have no Idea what my problem is here.
In the following Code I was trying to say if whatever is in the if codition is true, don´t advance checking if the condition is true in the next loop. So I was trying to escape the loop by saying If it is true one time, set huellkoerper=4 to end the inner for loop.
Thing is now. If one of the points described by allepunkte fullfills the condition in the If-Condition, it shouldn´t further check in the upcoming huellkoerper.
Anyway, if I let it run it tells me this:
That point 4 and eight are both inside body 1 and 2. This is right, but my goal is not to count twice. So if anything is Inside Body 1, don´t check for body 2. If something is in body 2, don´t check for body3. Why does it do so in this case? Why doesn´t the programm escape the inner for loop?
I´m so glad for any advice or help. Thank you guys a lot in advance!

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David Hill
David Hill on 18 Jun 2020
use break instead. You should never try to change the loop variable.
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Jonathan Babitsch
Jonathan Babitsch on 18 Jun 2020
Thanks a lot David!!
I´m new to matlab and never heard of this command... Works great!
As I said big thank you!

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