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Plot Hurricane Track Data

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I'm trying to plot hurricane track data on a map, but I'm not super fluent in Matlab. I have a txt file that I'm loading into the system but the other resources I'm finding don't quite align with what I'm doing.
Edit: I've included the data. And below is a link to the method I tried using to plot.
Tiana Johnson
Tiana Johnson on 22 Jun 2020
Thanks! That was helpful, but I'm still running into an issue. I can see the map, but my data isn't plotting. Here's what I've done so far and my output.
FloTrack = readtable('Florence_Track_edit.txt');
FloTrack.Properties.VariableNames{1} = 'Date';
FloTrack.Properties.VariableNames{2} = 'Time';
FloTrack.Properties.VariableNames{3} = 'Latitude';
FloTrack.Properties.VariableNames{4} = 'Longitude';
FloTrack = removevars(FloTrack, 'Var5');
latFlorence = FloTrack.Latitude;
lonFlorence = FloTrack.Longitude;
geoplot(latFlorence, lonFlorence)
latFlorence = str2double(FloTrack.Latitude);
lonFlorence = str2double(FloTrack.Longitude);
geoplot(latFlorence, lonFlorence)
geolimits([0 50], [10 90])
geolimits([0 50], [-10 -90])
geoplot(latFlorence, lonFlorence, '.-')
geolimits([0 50], [0 90])
geolimits([0 50], [-90 0])

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Accepted Answer

Tiana Johnson
Tiana Johnson on 23 Jun 2020
convert data to excel file.
FloTrack = xlsread('FloTrack.xlsx', 1, 'C2:E80');
latFlorence = FloTrack(:, 1);
lonFlorence = FloTrack(:, 3);
geoplot(latFlorence, lonFlorence, '.-');
geolimits([10 50], [-90 0])

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