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Change keyboard shortcuts for switching between editor and command window

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Nirab Sarma
Nirab Sarma on 22 Jun 2020
Answered: Devineni Aslesha on 25 Jun 2020
For the 2020b update, can the shortcuts please be changed from Ctrl+0 and Ctrl+Shift+0 to something else. Those shortcuts are unergonomic to say the least, and hurt productivity. At the very least, make them customizable.
Some suggestions I have:
Ctrl + 1 (same as above) -- mine
Ctrl + e (same as above) -- mine
Thank you

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Devineni Aslesha
Devineni Aslesha on 25 Jun 2020
Hi Nirab
For the 2020b update, the keyboard shortcuts are not configurable. One more update has been made to the existing enhancement request and the developers are working on it. Hopefully, the keyboard shortcuts configuration might be available in the future releases.


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