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How to create a pivot table

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alpedhuez on 29 Jun 2020
Edited: alpedhuez on 3 Jul 2020
I have a table
date person spendings
1/1/2020 John $100
1/1/2020 Mike $50
1/2/2020 John $75
1/3/2020 Mike $40
I want to create a pivot table
John Spendings Mike Spendings
January 2020
February 2020
March 2020
Please advise.

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alpedhuez on 29 Jun 2020
Is it that this example is too trivial or is it that Matlab is not good at it?

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Maadhav Akula
Maadhav Akula on 2 Jul 2020
I think the unstack function might help you out. I have written a small example using your data:
month = categorical({'Jan';'Jan';'Feb';'March'});
person = categorical({'John';'Mike';'John';'Mike'});
spendings = [100;50;75;40];
T = table(month,person,spendings)
u = unstack(T,'spendings','person')
I think you can customise it according to your needs.
Hope this helps!


alpedhuez on 2 Jul 2020
The orginal table has dd/mm/yyyy not month. This is the point.
Maadhav Akula
Maadhav Akula on 2 Jul 2020
You can utilize the month and datetime functions to tweak them to your required format.
a = month(datetime('1/1/2020','InputFormat','dd/MM/yyyy'),'shortname')
The above line returns the Month in 'Mmm' format, for instance January as 'Jan'. You can tweak some of these properties to obtain the required values which best suits your requirements.
alpedhuez on 3 Jul 2020

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