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How to use uisetfont?

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John Doe
John Doe on 6 Jul 2020
Commented: John Doe on 7 Jul 2020
Hello everyone.
How can I use uisetfont command to place texts on a image loaded on a GUIDE axes? How to pass the handle?


Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 6 Jul 2020
John - are you passing a handle to the text object that you wish to open the font selection dialog box for? Or are you trying to use uisetfont to write text on the axes? (Which I don't think is the purpose of this function.) Perhaps you should be using text instead.
John Doe
John Doe on 7 Jul 2020
Hello Geoff.
Actually I am trying to write on my image loaded on the axes. The reason I picked uisetfont is to give the user flexibility to choose font type, font size and font style which appears in a box for uisetfont. That's what I am trying to do. But somehow, whenever I am using the function, the texts keep moving away, meaning it's not being written on top of the picture.

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