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Cutting off a segment of an Image that is blurry

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Basically I wanted to perform image analysis on a a hair switch and I was able to seperate the image from the background as follows:
If you look at the last image, all I want to do is basically cut off the top and bottom parts of the image because they are blurry. This can be a standard way of doing it that does the same crop for every picture I process because they will always be taken the same way.
The original pictures are here:
My code to get souly the hair is as follow (thank you image analyst for providing me with most of this):
Brian Peoples
Brian Peoples on 8 Jul 2020
If you look at the subplot, right around 500 and 3500 is where it gets blurry, so if I could do a cut at those spots that'd be ideal and just have those parts removed from the image section.

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Jul 2020
Can't you just erase above and below those lines?
rgbImage(1 : 500, :, :) = 0;
rgbImage(3500 : end, :, :) = 0;

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