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Dicretization from countour nodes 2D.

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Hello, I very much appreciate any help with the following problem.
I have some 2d data (x,y) that describes an airfoil, so I have the "countour" or edges of the 2d figure, and I want to get a discretization of the interior. I dont care if it is with quad or tria mesh, I just want get a set of points (nodes) wich are in the interior of the data.


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KSSV on 10 Jul 2020


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José Daniel Hoyos Giraldo
Hello, I tried changing
xi = linspace(0.,1,m) ;
eta = linspace(0.,1.,n) ;
for my points xi=x; eta=y;
but when it plot the grid, actually it is not my airfoil shape.
Thanks for help.

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