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Segmenting bitmap micro CT images using MATLAB's image processing capabilities.

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Ross Remesz
Ross Remesz on 10 Jul 2020
Commented: Ross Remesz on 11 Jul 2020
Hello, I am interested in getting some input about using MATLAB's image processing app. I want to obtain a binary image of my area of interest so I can perform some basic analysis (calculate area, path length, etc.).
I want to know if what I describe below is possible in MATLAB or not. I will show the process that I have gone through so far and any input would be greatly appreciated.
Progress Thus Far:
% This will be used for image segmentation of cranial sutures.
% Reading raw images
Raw = imread('3351_Coronal_CRotated0964.bmp');
title('Raw Image')
% Adjusting raw images so they can be turned into binary
Raw_Adjusted = imadjust(Raw);
title('Adjusted Image')
% Converting to black and white images
BW_Original = imbinarize(Raw_Adjusted,'adaptive','Sensitivity',0.6);
title('Binary Image')
% Inverting the black and white image
BW_Inverse = imcomplement(BW_Original);
title('Inverted Binary Image')
% Cropping the image
BW_Cropped = imcrop(BW_Inverse,[900,1000,825,500]);
title('Cropped Image')
% Segmenting
Segmented = bwpropfilt(BW_Cropped,'Area',1);
title('Semi-Isolated Cropped Image')
Next Steps/Moving Forward
I want the final product to include only the squiggly line running horizontal, outlines below in red, and get rid of the sections that are outline in blue. (i.e. turn them black)
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thank you for reading my question.

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Jul 2020
If Segmented is your binary image, obtain the largest blob, which will be the one you outlined in red, using bwareafilt():
largestBlob = bwareafilt(Segmented, 1);
Ross Remesz
Ross Remesz on 11 Jul 2020
Perfect, this is exactly what I was looking for.
I just implemented it into my script and it works like a dream, thank you very much for your time.

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