Simscape Pressure Fed System

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Abhigya Raval
Abhigya Raval on 15 Jul 2020
Commented: Parth Mahendru on 3 Aug 2020
I need to simulate a pressure-fed rocket engine. There's a high pressure Inert gas tank that is connected to a Propellent tank and is supposed to push the propellent out from the other end at a certain pressure. Since these systems will be in two different domains (G and TL), how can I approach this. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!
Parth Mahendru
Parth Mahendru on 3 Aug 2020
Yeah sure just did

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Rajat Tewari
Rajat Tewari on 21 Jul 2020
Hi Abhigya,
To achieve a pressure-fed rocket engine, following examples would be helpful:
  1. Modeling Engine Timing Using Triggered Subsystems
  2. Generic Engine
  3. Piston Engine
Hope it helps.

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